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The best way to achieve a designer look is to hire an interior designer.  If you are not sure if hiring an interior designer is right for you, schedule a design consult with Elizabeth Ribons, or one of the other designers at Environments Design Group.

"Color...the least expensive way to decorate" Color can create such an impact in your home or project and is the simplest most cost effective way to decorate.  When people want  to add color to their homes they often confused as to how to get started.  They are not sure what colors work best and are not experienced at adding deep hues.  Often, costly mistakes are made over and over again.  Why not use a professional interior designer and get a designer look?

A professional interior design consult from Environments Design Group will bring all the knowledge, expertise and creativity you seek for your home, office or resale project.....and bring positive results.

Invest the cost of one hour before you waste precious money on mistakes.

What do I receive?

An interior design consult can encompass all design aspects of your project.  Environments Design Group can help you with selections for your remodel, rethinking a room (or rooms).

  • You will receive expert interior design advice and directives on how to create your décor.
  • Your Environments Design Group interior designer will be provide you with swatches of color, style directives, furniture suggestions and placement, window treatments and finishing touches.
  • You will receive a packet of information that outlines the consult of your interior design project and also a list of resources for you to shop at for the items you need for your interior design project.

If painting is all you have in mind to do for your interior design project, then you would then receive our color interior design consult. A color consult is an expert color design recommendation for your project by an Environments Design Group interior designer.

  • You receive paint instructions.
  • You also receive a swatch packet containing all the colors selected, paint requirements, trim, ceiling and color placement.

How do I get started?

1)      Contact Elizabeth Ribons at Environments Design Group to discuss a one hour interior design consult.

2)      Join our Facebook page to receive occasional discounts, promotions, tips and news about upcoming events.

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