How A Designer Can Bring Harmony and Balance

getty-3218-166407808A room that is properly decorated should have harmony and balance from the floor to the ceiling. Permanent features, like windows and doors, should be scaled to fit the room during the building phase. Choosing the right furniture will complement the room and help you balance out any features you can’t change.

An example of a design that lacked harmony and balance was for a prior customer’s master bedroom that included a floor to ceiling fireplace. The fireplace was crafted from stone and the room had French doors that were installed on both sides. On the opposing wall, a bed was installed with no head board and only two small night stands. This created a disconnection between the sides of the room.

To really bring the whole room together, a textured rug was added under the bed, along with a tall mercury glass lamp on each nightstand. Long mirrors were also hung on the wall behind them. Replacing the headboard with hanging drapes and a driftwood mirror completed the balance. When these new accessories were added, harmony ensued. Creating a space that is inviting requires proper lighting and organic features that balance out the weight of other visual components.

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