Home for the Holidays – Designed Just in Time

Clients hire a designer for design guidance. They are also expecting a level of good taste, design solutions, ideas they haven’t considered yet and “the” element of surprise.

decorated for the holidays

Usually upon meeting the client, any good designer understands their client’s aesthetic and how they live. Within the initial consultation, the client’s level of style will be determined and their design comfort zone. It’s the designer’s job to provide the design, implementation and make it real. It is also the designer’s job to discover how far the client will go outside of the box. This is vital to a healthy design business and happy clients. If a designer applies a safe mentality to every project they will risk not producing exceptional projects in the future.

“Do one thing every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Take Risks

Provide options slightly outside of the client’s comfort zone. Invite them to play a bit. In order for your client to consider something new and unique that will bring a fresh look to their space you will have to sell your idea. Consider taking a risk as long as it’s not crazy and risk losing client’s credibility. Also, think things through – don’t make suggestions you aren’t completely confident will make you the star of the show.

classic meets modern


If you cannot deliver your vision you will not receive repeat business. How you finish is how the client will remember you. Be careful with promises – be sure you can deliver the work and complete the entire project in time.

finalized kitchen

Don’t ever let them see you sweat

The client hired you for your expertise so if you show uncertainty they will quickly lose confidence in your abilities. Keep calm at all times and use your time wisely. Plan ahead your project stages and stick to a timeline. Also, use vendors and trades you worked with before and know are reliable to deliver excellent work. Some projects will be stressful but the end result sings and if your clients are happy, they will sing your praises.

And this will make your business thrive. You will be remembered not only for your great sense of style but also the ability to pull everything off on time.

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