Design Ideas for Small Spaces

getty-3218-157787482When it comes time to design your apartment, you can feel limited if you are restricted in your space. Take advantage of a small space by creating an illusion using smart design techniques. Here are some basic design ideas for small spaces that most anyone can apply to their personal esthetic.

Let in the light. A dark space swallows itself, while a well lit room will come alive and appear to be much larger. Use natural lighting, if possible, or opt for strategically positioned lamps and overhead lights. Follow the same rule for a color scheme by choosing paint and fabric colors that are light for an airy appearance. Additionally, you should keep with a solid color scheme of a single shade. Add a pop of interest in an oversized printed throw pillow or with wall art, but keep the focus to one decorative touch.

Here at Environments Design Group in the Westlake Village area we work with many clients who are searching for design ideas for all types of spaces. Contact the professionals at Environments Design Group for more information or to schedule a consultation regarding ideas in interior design.

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