Why Hiring a Design Firm has Its Advantages

getty-3218-200522095-001If a fresh new look is needed to upgrade the curb appeal of your home, a full or partial remodeling project is necessary, or you’re planning to add an addition or build a new home, this is the time to contact an interior design firm. Using the multiple services available to a team of experienced interior and exterior professional designers is the first step in turning your vision into a reality.

The benefits of hiring a team of design professionals ensures your project will have hands-on attention from the initial planning stages to the end result, and everything in-between. Professional designers are tuned in and stay up-to-date on current interior and exterior trends in architecture and decor. With years of experience to draw upon, designers use their expertise to create innovative spaces ranging from traditional and classic to modern and upscale.

Using plans based on a client’s needs, concept, expectations, functionality, and budget along with continual communication, designers have the tools necessary to provide exceptional design solutions.

When you’re in the market for a quality design firm that handles a project from start to finish, contact the professionals at Environments Design Group servicing Southern California, Conejo Valley, Malibu and Ventura.

Give Your Living Room Character With Thrifty Finds

getty-3218-186286769Having a living room with incredible interior design doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars. Designing on a budget not only encourages your creativity, it can open up a world of alternative materials you wouldn’t otherwise consider. Shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, and estate sales will give you design ideas outside the average style you see in magazines. Give your living room its own unique flavor by upscaling thrifty finds.

  • Consider alternate uses for wooden furniture pieces. Use a sideboard to hold a large television or a wardrobe as a book and game storage piece.
  • Think of everything fabric as a potential pillow cover. Look for attractive old drapes, interesting scarves, and even vintage evening gowns. A simple stitching job will turn them into colorful throw pillows.
  • You don’t need to have a traditional coffee table. Try a steamer trunk for a table and storage combo. Place two side tables, back-to-back, in front of your couch. Even an old aquarium can make an interesting coffee table with a slab of glass or wood on top.

For the best in interior design ideas, contact Environments Design Group in southern California.

DIY: Hanging Branch Chandelier

getty-3218-184756569Give your room a bright and beautiful floral look that goes with any casual decorating scheme. This DIY natural chandelier design can bring a spring-like feeling to cold winter days, or add festive decorations to the holidays.

Search the woods or a local park for a long branch with many smaller branches. Find one with an interesting shape that’s about six feet long. Spray the branch with a hose and allow it to air dry in the sun.

Spray paint the branch in white, metallic, or glitter paint. You may want to go with a matte finish for everyday decor, or a shinier look for holiday shine.

Tie fishing line to the branch and attach it to the ceiling with hooks. Use florist wire to attach dried flowers, small gifts, or Christmas tree decorations to embroidery floss in different colors. Tie the floss to the branches, keeping them about four inches apart, using different lengths of floss.

For more interior design ideas, contact the Environments Design Group in southern California.

How An Interior Designer Decorates to Reflect You!

getty-3218-186949832You fell in love with your home the minute you first laid eyes on it. It had everything you could have wanted in a home, and it was even in a desirable neighborhood in your town.

But now you notice things around the home you love that doesn’t make it quite as lovable as it once was, and you’ve decided that it’s time to tackle a makeover of a room or two but you don’t know a thing about interior design.

So you make the wise choice of working with a professional interior design company, and then there’s a long conversation between their design consultants and yourself about what you’d like to do to your home so that you can fall in love with it all over again.

Your design team will work closely with you, making decisions that reflect you’re sense of taste and style. They can even come up with suggestions to help improve the curb appeal of your home.

It’s important to remember that no two interior designers are alike. Some designers may specialize in baroque designs, others may be well adept at traditional designs and still others may be fabulous with modern design aesthetics.

It’s important that you choose a design company that has a designer who understands your design style and will be able to work with you, and that’s why residents in the Westlake Village area of California are very lucky to have a design company like the Environments Design Group to contact.

Environments Design Group is available for consultations and they handle projects such as residential, commercial and even retail design so they have the knowledge and experience to help you with your home’s makeover so make it a point of contacting them today.

8 Classic Color Combinations

getty-3218-186084390Color combinations can make a world of difference in the overall look and feel of a home, office, or other space. Considering how colors work together, how they work with the room, and how they work with the client is generally the job of a company like Environments Design Group who have years of experience finding and applying great color selections. Interior design does not have to be completely out of reach for homeowners, with the right colors, painting can help change the look and feel of a home or office in seconds.

There are three categories of color combinations, warms, cools, and complimentary colors. With warm color combinations, colors generally come from one side of the color wheel, the warm side. This can be red and orange, red and brown, or orange and brown. Any variation of these three color combinations is great when combined with one another. For cool tones color combos like green and blue, and blue and purple are common. For complimentary colors some typical and classic combos are orange and blue, red and green, and brown and blue. These color combos are opposite colors on the color wheel making them visually striking and attention grabbing.

Inspiration from the Runways

New York Fashion Week is here again, showering the city and the world beyond with inspiration for the coming year.

What many people don’t know is that the looks we see on the runway are the same ones that end up influencing interior design elements for years to come.


As someone with a fashion background, I am continuously drawing inspiration from good design, whether it’s an impeccably designed garment or a well-made piece of furniture. Here are my predictions for the 2015 looks that interior design will draw on, according to what we are seeing on the runways.

Fur, texture and rich color continue to adorn the runways this week– which will manifest this year in more fur throws, lambskin rugs and textured fur chairs. Walls will begin to transition from grays to mauves, wines and chocolate.

lejardinNatural luxury is another big focus on the runway, seen in Coach’s collection- sumptuous fabrics paired with easy basics or rough-hewn leathers. Distressed, buttery textures align with withelifestyle that is gaining popularity. The resurgence of the softer, 70’s bohemian style brings effortlessness back to clothing and home. We will see this textile translate into the casual style that is so often requested to accommodate a busy lifestyle and home.

Grey continues to be in fashion this year, as much on the runways as at home. It’s versatility makes it a popular sophisticated choice, and it will remain so. While in the past, it was paired with bright colors like burnt orange and teal, it will now share center stage with florals. An abundance of botanicals seen on the the runway, will translate into floral prints and textured design elements adding brightness and a breath of spring freshness to many rooms.

And lastly, along with the slow turn away from post-industrial intensity, the designs of Rachel Ashwell who began the shabby-chic movement, will begin to rise to popularity as we revisit and reinterpret bygone eras once more.

6 Interior Design Tricks to Maximize Your Space

Whether you’re at home or in the office, there always comes a point where you can no longer find a quick storage fix. Where to put that stack of invoices? What to do with muddy shoes? Boxes and plastic containers can only temporarily remedy the situation. They are visually unappealing and seem to multiply until your once-sleek desk is overwhelmed with extra odds and ends that eat away at valuable space. A designer’s job is to create space solutions. A skilled designer will build functionality into your home or office so that your environment is not only beautiful, but also accessible.Here are a few of my favorite interior design tricks for maximizing space.


A fully functional kitchen requires a lot of nifty small appliances. Clients like having access to these appliances, but don’t want to see them on their countertops. I often remedy this situation with an appliance garage:

after remodel blue and white kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and appliance cubby

Image via this oldhouse.com


Clients also want access to outlets without having the eyesore of multiple sockets. This is where hidden outlets come in:

Combine Old and New

Image via bhg.com

Spices should be close at hand and tools available as needed, all while blending into the cabinetry:

Screen shot 2015 03 10 at 8.44.09 AM

Image via bhg.com

And pantry and storage, all beautifully designed while answering to the level of usability and ease of use:

Frosted glass Pantry Doors

Image via bhg.com

Need a guest room or home office?

Add a door on a rail system (barn door) to stylishly close off a space:

13 Reasons Reclaimed Wood Is SO HOT Right Now

Image via carlaaston.com

Shoes ending up all over the mudroom or entryway? This staircase turned storage space answers that need:

small apartment design solutions for a narrow space

Image via simplydecorate.com

I like these tricks because they help transform your environment into a space that fits your lifestyle and needs. Often, the answer to space challenges isn’t creating more square footage, but rather, optimizing the space you already have.