Decor Paints & Wallcovering

getty-3218-78778854There comes a time in every homeowner’s life that things just need to be redone. If you just moved into your first home, you may want to begin by choosing a different paint color. If you have lived in your home a number of years, styles and tastes change so you may want to find someone to help you in your interior design ideas.

Decor Paints & Wallcovering has paint colors and wall covering samples that can reflect your taste and style. They even have classes that can help teach you how to get the end results you are looking for. They can match a paint color from a competitor or custom match any stains or paints that you might want matched. They have a line of paint products that won’t harm the environment.

If you would like assistance with your painting, wallpaper or remodeling project, we are here to assist you in all of your interior design needs. We are Environments Design Group and we are proud to serve the Westlake Village, California area. We would like to help you make sure that your interior design project turns out better than you could have imagined. Contact us today and let’s get started!

How to Work With an Interior Designer

getty-3218-160313465Working with an interior designer is more than just getting a few creative interior design ideas or even exterior design ideas. An interior designer should work with you to create an atmosphere in your home that puts you in harmony with your environment while maintaining functionality. Here are some things to expect when working with an interior designer.

  • An interior designer will pay attention to almost every detail that you may not even consider. Small touches like vent covers and wall plates are some of these details.
  • Designers can excel at varying styles of design. Some may be extremely versed in modern or hip-hop designs while others may be exceptional traditional designers. Find one that matches your personality.
  • Offer your designer pictures of rooms you like, and even paint or material swatches. Don’t be afraid to express what you are looking for.
  • If you have pieces of furniture that you love or have meaning for you, tell your designer. Part of their job is to make sure they can implement those pieces in your new design.

Remember, hiring an interior designer does not decrease your importance in the design process, it actually enhances it. If you live in the Westlake Village region, contact us at Environments Design Group for a consultation.

Restoration Hardware

getty-3218-180455097At Environments Design Group, we have the pleasure of working with some remarkable people. These are people who have built a business around the interior design and decorating industry and have become trusted resources for us. One of those is Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware’s name is a bit misleading as they provide luxury brand semi-custom furniture, lighting, textiles, bath ware, décor, outdoor and garden, and even baby & child products. Restoration Hardware or “RH” as they are known, operates some 74 galleries and another 13 outlets. We have regularly seen fine products from RH and our clients seem to be very pleased by the elements from RH that we have brought into their homes.

Finding just the right suppliers for our client’s needs is part of what we do at Environments Design Group. We take your personality and your lifestyle and then go in search of suppliers who can meet those needs. RH has repeatedly been a successful resource for us and our clients.

If you would like to see the difference we can make, contact us at Environments Design Group. We are pleased to serve the Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks, CA community.

Add Color and Character with Backsplash Installation

getty-3218-147036377When remodeling your kitchen, you can add color and character by using custom ceramic tile to create a backsplash.  Here are some design tips for your kitchen.

  • The first thing to do, and probably the most fun, is to make a map of the type of design you would like to have.  Make measurements of the area and take the measurements to your local tile store, pick out the color, design, and size of tile you that you would like.
  • Preparing the wall will include removing any outlet plates, the range hood and the stove or anything that will be in your way. You will need to sand the surface, mark the center with a perpendicular line and lay your design out so you can follow it.
  • Put the mastic on a tile using your grooved trowel.  Make sure you begin at your center line, work outward and place each tile in a row but leave a gap of 1/8 inch for the grout. Plastic spacers make this much easier.
  • After the tiles are set, remove spacers, add grout into the gaps between tiles, scrape off excess and let set.  Then clean the grout with a damp sponge and add caulk to seal the bottom row of tiles and counter top.

We are Environments Design Group and we would like to help you with your remodeling projects.  We proudly serve the Westlake Village, California area.  If you need help with your redesign plans, contact us.

How a Designer Creates a Focal Point

getty-3218-106462615Focal points make it easier for an interior designer to establish a room’s décor. Rooms with architectural designs that stand out can use these as focal points. Otherwise, you may need to create your own focal point, using such aspects as size, light, color and imagination to fashion your decor.

Size: Large items are natural attention getters, making them good focal points for specific rooms, i.e. a sofa in the living room or bed in the bedroom. Large rugs or wall paintings also make good focal points upon which to establish your décor.

Light: Lighting can help set the mood of your room and be highlighted as focal points for your environment. Use bright lights to stimulate and subdued light to create a more intimate setting.

Color: Color can serve as a focal point, depending on whether it complements or contrasts your décor. A bright colored wall behind a light colored sofa, for example, makes a good focal point as it easily stands out on its own. Colorful accessories such as paintings, lamps, cushions, etc. can also become focal points, highlighting specific areas of your room.

Imagination: Innovative furniture, artwork or collector’s items that catch people’s eye can be used as focal points. You may even want several focal points to define different areas of your environment. By using your imagination, you can create the pleasing environment you desire.

For more insight into creating a focal point for the various rooms in your home, contact Environments Design Group, Westlake Village, CA.

Canyon Tile and Stone

Canyon Tile and Stone can help you make your home elegantly distinct from the other houses in your neighborhood.  Specializing in bathroom, kitchen and wall tile, Canyon Tile and Stone is the best place in Agoura Hills, California to go for a unique interior glass, tile or stone design.  Two things set Canyon Tiles and Stone apart from their competition: the products they offer and the experience they have.

A Complete Design

Canyon Tile and Stone carries a full line of design materials, because it takes more than just one stone or tile to create a complete interior design.  They have elegant:

  • Glass tile
  • Stone countertops
  • Tile flooring
  • Wood flooring


With three decades of experience installing tile and flooring near Agoura Hills, CA, Canyon Tile and Stone has helped design some of the most distinguished homes in the area.  To see rooms they have installed flooring in, or to inquire about your own home, contact Canyon Tile and Stone.

Work with Environments Design Group to help find the best options for you when it comes to your interior and exterior design choices.

What Does an Exterior Home Designer Do?

getty-3218-144449124The job of an exterior home designer is to help beautify the exterior of your home. Your home’s exterior design will either add or detract to its overall appearance. With the help of an experienced designer, your home can easily stand out as one of the most attractive properties in your neighborhood.

Good home design, inside and out, will increase the value of your property. If you’re planning to sell your house, interior and exterior home design will play a key role in attracting potential buyers. Exterior home designers often specialize in a particular aspect of design such as landscape designers, concrete designers, contractors, lighting or irrigation specialists, etc. You can benefit from their particular experience and line of expertise depending on your need.

There are many ways in which an exterior home designer can enhance your home’s appearance. Through landscaping, your designer can create a pleasing front or back yard environment that brings out the beauty of your home. Beautiful, well lit walkways will serve to further accentuate your landscaping and garden. Adding color to exterior walls or upgrading existing exterior features are other ways in which a designer can improve the appearance of your abode.

An attractive exterior home environment makes your Westlake Village home more pleasant to enjoy. For greater insight into the benefits of exterior design in the Westlake Village, California, area, contact Environments Design Group.

California Closets: What Type of Closet Suits You?

getty-3218-78432578The longer you own your home, the more things you accumulate. Finding storage space can be a challenge. The key is developing a storage solution that puts everything you need at your fingertips while keeping it organized and hidden from view. Storage solutions are available to meet everyone’s needs. Closets and cabinets can be designed to fit into almost any style of home and are adaptable to every decor. Whether it is needed in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or garage, finding a solution is as easy as talking to an interior design professional that specializes in creating functional storage areas.

Homeowners who live in and around Thousand Oaks, California can call Environments Design Group to see what options are available when it comes to increasing closet space. Their interior design specialists can help you come up with a closet design that helps you stay organized and reduces excessive clutter in your bedroom and other areas of your home.

Call our interior design professionals today and see how easy it will be to get organized and beautify your home at the same time.

Keeping Functionality and Practicality

getty-3218-86545379Functionality and practicality are two main concerns when considering renovations. Not only should each room serve a purpose, it should look good as well. From the lighting to newly designed closet space and storage areas, every room should have its own character and feel. Designers who work with you to determine what your needs are, can help you create a room that embodies everything you want it to be. Be creative. Explore your options. A knowledgeable interior designer can help you reach the goals you have set for every room in your home.

The interior design professionals at Environments Design Group offer solutions that include functionality and practicality. Renovating or redesigning your home and living areas is much easier when you have designers who understand your needs.

Whether you work from home or are raising a family, your life takes place there. Each room should be able to serve the purpose it was designed for and still be able to enhance your home’s overall beauty and atmosphere. See what options are available for you to choose from.

Zin Chair Furniture: Comfort and Beauty All in One

getty-3218-86531963If you are looking to renovate or redesign an area of your home, you may be interested in looking at custom furniture options that will help you add a personal touch. Zin chairs and furniture pieces are well built and designed to complement their surroundings, both inside and outside of your home. Zin custom furniture pieces are made of oak and constructed to last for years. No matter where you put them, they are sure to enhance the rustic beauty of your home.

Residents of Westlake Village who would like to learn more about designing their home should contact the experts at Environments Design Group. Their professional staff specialize in both interior design and exterior design. They can answer any questions you may have about custom furniture. Their staff will take the time to help you explore your options when it comes to redesigning areas of your home and choosing the custom furniture that will complete the project.