Customizing and Semi-Customizing your Decor

Have you ever considered customizing your furniture? The global marketplace is full of designers who specialize in home furnishings. It can be a snap to design a “semi-custom” piece of furniture. You pick from a variety of different styles, finishes and fabrics to create something new. Doing so will allow you to really add your personal preferences and style to your home. This will save you quite a bit of money over having a completely custom piece of furniture built from scratch. Custom items can be expensive and impossible to return if they don’t fit the space properly once you receive them.

Some retail stores now offer options for semi-customizing furniture. Make sure you are certain on your selections and question the retailer about their return policy of their semi-custom furniture. You need to make sure they offer returns if you don’t care for the finished piece. Another great idea is to purchase catalog pieces and add your personal touch around a sofa or chair with art, lighting and other accessories.

Environments Design Group has been helping people with the interior design of their houses in Southern California for many years. Get in contact with them to utilize their experience for planning and executing your next remodeling project.

An Interior Designer’s Ability to Set the Look

getty-3218-176829040When creating space in your home, you may want to take some ideas from an interior designer. Designers have a knack for seeing a room, visualizing a plan and setting the look. You may have seen a room or setting in a magazine or showroom and wonder if you can duplicate it. There are a few things you should take into consideration when planning a new interior design:

  • Who will use the space?
  • How will it be used?
  • Is there a focal point you want to highlight?
  • What style draws you in?
  • Are there any colors that you love and want to see?

When working with spaces, creativity is key. Not only do you want to have an environment that reflects who you are, you want a space that will be comfortable and functional. That’s the beauty of interior design. The best interiors come from your own ideas. You may see something that gives you inspiration, but in the end, a duplicated space has no character of its own. Good interior design allows your ideas to blossom. For more information on creating inventive spaces in your home, contact the Environments Design Group.

3 Tips for Using Color to Decorate

getty-3218-177974346Using color to decorate is one the most fun and inexpensive ways to add flair to any home. Colors can make a room come alive, such as making it seem brighter or more cheerful. Certain colors can even make the room seem larger or smaller. 3 Design Tips for Color 1.The function of the room.For example, if you are decorating a pre-teen girl’s room, you may want to use colors like pink or other pastel colors. White or soft yellow also tend to be great colors for a sunroom. 2.Choose a color the whole family will like. It can be tempting to pick a color just because you like it, but remember other people in the family may use the room as well. So, selecting a family friendly or neutral color may be the best choice for family rooms. 3.Choose a color that will look good now and later. Choose colors that will stand the test of time. Don’t choose a color just because it’s the newest trend. Choose a color you feel will be a lasting color for your home and that will look good today and 10 years from now. Using and experimenting with color can be fun and exciting. For more information on how to use and choose the best colors for your home contact Environments Design Group.

What the Design Process is All About

getty-3218-177207283Interior decorating doesn’t have to be a daunting design process, even when working with a decorator. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, look at your home as a blank canvas, waiting for color, texture and shape. It’s easy to get going, even if you don’t have ideas that are coming to you right away. Take the time to go through design magazines, websites and even go to the store to pick up paint chip samples. Take what you find and set it up in the room to be decorated to get a feel for what it is you want to achieve. Create a design board with all of your thoughts, then bring it to the interior decorator. Remember that a good decorator works with you, not against you. Your ideas guide the input of the decorator instead of the other way around. Sure, the interior decorator is going to make suggestions along the way to make your ideas pop, but that’s their job. Bring your ideas and design boards to the decorator, lay out everything that it is you want for the room, and let the decorator help make your vision a reality. It takes planning and mocking up of designs, and you may go through a few before you are happy with the result. Ultimately, your ideas are the core of what make your living space yours. For more information about interior decorating in the Westlake Village area, contactEnvironments Design Group today.

Mirage Interior and Exterior Design Concepts

getty-3218-89597217Purchasing a couch or chair is not just going to the store and picking one up. A lot of thought needs to go in to this kind of purchase. Does it fit the room? Is it going to hold up to the elements and abuse it may endure? Is the style the type you want?

At Mirage Interiors & Exterior Design Concepts, they want you to know that they offer quality upholstery work and have done so for 30 years. They can make custom furniture to your specifications and they still use the 8-way hand-tied coil system that is a sign of high-quality. The 8-way hand-tied system ties the springs at eight different points to assure you comfort and correct seat support.

They are also a part of the Environments Design Group network of builder’s organizations and they keep up with what is happening in the industry.

Instead of just buying a couch or chair, buy a real piece of furniture that will last. We are the Environments Design Group, and we help with the exterior and interior design needs of the Westlake Village, California area. We want to make sure that the next piece of furniture you purchase is quality made and will last. Contact us and let us help you in your quest for quality furniture.

Differences Between Hiring A Designer Vs. A Decorator

getty-3218-119693357Sometimes, after a person lives in a space for a while, things can start to feel a little too comfortable. The television is sitting in the same spot, and you’re sitting on the same sofa looking at the same pictures on the walls. You look around and decide you need a change, and that you could use a fresh professional perspective as you reinvent the room.

So who do you call? A decorator or someone proficient in interior design? It’s important to understand that there is a difference, although the words designer and decorator are often mistakenly interchanged. A decorator works primarily with furniture and other decorations that can easily be replaced by items that fit better into the designers’ vision. An interior designer will go a little deeper when redesigning, and can have a structural input as they are redesigning your home. If the design calls for opening up a space or adding a built in bookcase, they have the training and skill to provide those things, making it look like a different space.

Environments Design Group in Westlake Village. With more than 20 years of experience in the area, we keep in touch with both current trends, and what types of design elements will stand the test of time. If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer in Southern California, contact us and find out how our designers can reinvent your space.

How Pinterest Can Help you Design your Home

getty-3218-155289726Social media allows strangers from across the globe to share inspiration and design ideas. You can transform your space using social media sites, such as Pinterest, for instructions, blog links and photos. For instance, you can take ideas for how to organize a crafting space using chalkboard techniques, repurposed glassware, and kid friendly storage. If you want to redesign your tool shed into a backyard retreat for writing your novel, look for dozens of images and how-to guides on Pinterest. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs are top picks for most Pinterest searchers, which ensures you’ll have ample pins to search among.

On Pinterest, you can create a board designated for your interior design ideas. This allows you to save pins that you’ve selected from your Pinterest feed and searches. Also, during your searches, you are able to discover other boards from like minds. This search method can help you find additional ideas faster that are within your area of interest and design. Here at Environments Design Group of Westlake Village, CA, we specialize in interior design. Contact us today if you would like a professional designer to help you bring your social media inspired vision to life.

Let There Be Light: One Stop Lighting and Fans

When the spotlight turns to lighting itself, One Stop Lighting and Fans is the place to go. This Thousand Oaks, California hotspot offers brilliant solutions for all of your interior and exterior home lighting needs, including a huge selection of chandeliers, lamps, and pendants, as well as outdoor, landscape and custom home lighting products.

Not only is the inventory immense, but the customer service is unparalleled. This family owned and operated business has been working with homeowners, businesses and decorators in the community for over 18 years, with customer service that is truly illuminating. Stop by or call to schedule a free consultation with a staff designer, who will help get you on your way to a bright future. If you’re in the dark when it comes to your lighting, it’s time to step into the light by visiting One Stop Lighting and Fans.

For more information on lighting and design solutions for your home or business, contact Environments Design Group, specializing in interior design, exterior design and commercial design services throughout Southern California.

How Hiring an Interior Designer Can Save You Money

getty-3218-86542645While hiring an interior designer can seem like an expensive indulgence, it is actually a good way to save money while redesigning the interior of your home. Some of the reasons why include:

  • An interior designer has connections you don’t have. That means that he or she has access to good deals that you won’t find on your own.
  • An interior designer can incorporate the pieces you already own into fresh and new interior design ideas. Have a great piece you’ve never been able to work in? A designer can save you money by finding a great fit for it instead of wasting money by giving it away.
  • An interior designer can work with your budget. He or she will have the experience to measure which of your dreams fit your budget.
  • An interior designer saves you time. Instead of dedicating your time to the tasks involved in remaking a room, you can focus on the things that you are best at.

Ready for a new look for your Westlake Village Home? Contact us at Environments Design Group.

5 Easy Fall Deocrating Ideas

getty-3218-181309379Don’t you just love the holidays! It all begins with decorating for fall and each year you get to craft together a new festive interior design for your home. The metallic look is in this season. So let’s get started. Below are a few unique fall decorations your friends and family will love.

  • Buy some plastic pumpkins and paint them in different metallic colors then make them into a topiary.
  • Spray your pinecones in a variety of metallic colors and use them as place settings.
  • Take your plastic pumpkins, apply glue to the outside, then roll them in metallic glitter and adorn with your favorite fall foliage.
  • Purchase mini pumpkins, gourds, deco corn, acorns, pinecones, plastic fruits and paint them in metallic colors then splash them around your home – on bookshelves, in footed glass canisters, as table arrangements, on your fireplace hearth, etc.
  • Take an old window box and spray paint it with metallic paint then add deco leaves and other fall decor for great piece that works just as well indoors as it does outdoors.

Consider having your friends over for a decorating party. You could all take turns adorning each other’s homes for the fall and getting ready for the upcoming holiday season.

If you would like more information about decorating for the fall, contact Environments Design Group in Westlake Village, California. They would be more than happy to assist you with more creative fall decorating ideas or anything else you need.